Helping business leaders in the U.S. and Latin America grow, and enhancing their organizations’ productivity through executive development

TEAM International® is a team of leadership training professionals in the U.S. and Latin America who work to promote the growth and development of companies and the individuals they employ.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and Mexico City, TEAM International® specializes in offering bilingual world-class professional development programs for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking executives.

When your organization’s executives attend a TEAM International® leadership development experience, they will return to their workplaces with renewed energy and new insights into their own and associates’ potentials. Ours is not just an academic study of leadership, but rather a thorough leadership skills assessment and a hands-on, proven methodology for enhancing your leaders’ competencies. We help them become better and more productive managers for your organization.

In the U.S., TEAM International® conducts contract (“in-house” or custom) corporate development programs in or near San Antonio, a beautiful city in the Texas Hill Country — famous for the Alamo, the Spanish Missions, the Spurs, Sea World, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and world-renowned Riverwalk, the “Paseo del Rio.” However, these experiences may be carried out anywhere in the U.S. that the client chooses. Our Mexico City office can also arrange for contract programs in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America.

These development sessions may be done in Spanish or English by fully-bilingual facilitators/coaches. TEAM International® is skilled at building custom corporate programs, adjusted to the specific requirements of organizations, in either English or Spanish.

An invitation:

We welcome your queries about our programs, and your comments on the articles listed on the right of this home page and on the News/Articles page (available free by clicking on the News/Articles tab above). Please write us on the Contact tab or call/email Noel Osborn directly at the contact points listed. We’d love to hear from you and learn how we can help you further develop your executive talent!

New emphasis on a TEAM International® specialty:

Over many years of practice, TEAM International® has developed a special capability for coaching teams and individuals. For 25 years, we were a Network Associate of the Center for Creative Leadership (headquartered in Greensboro, NC). As such we carried out CCL’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), one of the most popular and powerful development experiences in the world. (We still do our own leadership development experience, called Leadership for Growth — LfG™ , in English in the U.S. [contract only] and in Spanish in Mexico [open-enrollment and contract]). However, LDP and LfG are basically individual development programs, primarily designed for open-enrollment participation. What we have learned over the years is that much of a leader’s effectiveness has to do with his/her influence over the groups or organizations that they manage. So beyond individual emotional intelligence, what is required is group emotional intelligence, sometimes called “social intelligence”. So it’s frequently not enough (increasingly so in complex and diversified groups and organizations ) to send an executive out to be “trained” in a week’s seminar in a closed environment not their own. What is much more effective, and more permanent, is to build an individualized development process for a promising executive which includes direct involvement with the people that he or she is leading, and enough follow-on work as is required to make the learning stick. Usually this kind of program can be done on or close to their home site, and frequently at a similar cost for the individual concerned, counting travel and lodging.

Call TEAM International® for more information on how this Personalized In-house Development Program can work for your group or organization. (See Contact tab above.)

And here’s another NEW TOOL in the team-building toolbox:

We often get requests for smaller teams, or for larger ones where the budget turns out to be a problem for the higher approval necessary. What we have found is that we can do very successful interventions for smaller teams, or sections of teams (e.g. sales and marketing) even if there are only a few members – our experience indicates that even for a group as small as 4 (four) participants, they can experience large returns to their productivity together, at a relatively low budget requirement….

Contact us for your small group teamwork effectiveness project. We (or better said, YOU) can produce surprising results!